Thursday, January 21, 2010


In the culture we live in we often get too wrapped up in the way we want things to be, always on the go. If we set out to accomplish one thing, yet find something entirely different, we often feel we have failed. We quickly move on, brushing off what we see as an inadequate finding. We have no use of it. Yet when we can get past our selfish mindsets and take the time to marvel at the beauty of something going on in this world that otherwise would have gone unnoticed to us, we can appreciate the world around us more. We suddenly become humbled and more knowledgeable, and in that knowledge we can recognize our own inadequacies with our previous perceptions.

As filmmakers we need to use our talents, abilities, and skills to be more aware. We need to make sure we are aware of the realities that surround us. Taking that time to slow down, observe, contemplate, and take part in what is normally overlooked in our busy lifestyles. We often enjoy films that let us escape from reality. This is okay in moderation, but if it becomes our whole lifestyle, we have failed to recognize what we have rather than what we could have.

That is the beauty of documentary. Documentary educates. Documentary reveals.

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