Thursday, January 28, 2010

are we RECording?

After a lovely night at Sundance I am feeling very motivated to create. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's site is a great place for collaboration with those around the world. What may take a long time and cost a lot of money for one person to produce can now be made within a short period of time with help from anyone, with hardly any money even going into the production. RECord, Remix, Remake. Beautiful stuff from talented people is coming from this. We have the ability to be a part of something BIG.

I have been having trouble this semester with feeling motivated in anything I am doing. I am mainly taking film history classes. This is good stuff to know, it is interesting (most of the time), but I just feel like I am not getting anywhere. What is different from this semester and last? I realized last night that I am missing that time spent creating. I need to keep creating to keep myself excited about what I am doing, excited about life.

RECord everything. Our lives are worth sharing. Our stories are worth telling. Our creativity is worth, well, creating.

So the question remains: are we RECording?


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