Sunday, March 27, 2011

freshmen boys

A knock at the door. Six boys, and I mean boys, walk in wanting to use the bathroom.

Boy 1: "Yeah I remember you Tara. You're from North Dakota, right?"
Tara: "Yep."
Boy 1: "Are there a lot of elk there? Is there a lot of hunting?"
Tara: "Yeah there are a good amount of elk. I hunt a lot."
Boy 1: "What part of North Dakota are you from?"
Tara: "..."
Tara: "I don't know."

Amy: "How did you get here? Scooters? Skateboards? Are you sure you aren't 16?"
Boy 2: "F150 2011. F150 2011."
Waiting for some girl to respond in admiration of his car.


Boy 3: "Want to make out?"
Tara: "I'm not into that."
Boy 3: "You like girls?"
Tara: "Just don't even talk to me."
Tara: "I am committed to Jonny here..."
Jonny: "She's single. You can have her."


Boy 3: "It's okay I have a girl too."

I never did get their names.

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