Monday, December 14, 2009

finals week.

I don't even remember the last time I wrote in here. I am eating dove peppermint bark chocolates and each one has a Christmas idea from Martha Stewart. Like for holiday waffles, add ginger, cardamom, and ground cloves. Sounds pretty delicious. It has been very hectic lately finishing up classes and such.

I have been editing like crazy lately, finally finishing my advanced final cut edits of a scene from Dragon Hunter and a documentary that will possibly be on the Fit for the Kingdom site. Now all I have left is finishing up my final fiction film edit and studying for family history. I am just glad I only have one actual test, I don't do well with memorization and such.

Pretty much all I listen to is Christmas stations on Pandora, The Nutcracker, and Sufjan Stevens holiday music. On friday night Dana, Ashley, Shalina, and I went up to Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. I wish I had a better camera to capture the beautiful lit pond and all the nativities! I am excited to go home for Christmas festivities and two weeks with no homework to worry about. I love my classes, but I am ready for a break.

I just want to make some delicious food.


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